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1"Home of the world's best opera company"  100  253Nemorino   Frankfurt am Main
2"Frankfurt"  92  112MichaelFalk1969   Frankfurt am Main
3"The most Un-German City in Germany"  95  171antistar   Frankfurt am Main
4"Main Metropolis"  62  71Weissdorn   Rhön
5"A city better than its reputation"  59  140dircelo   Frankfurt am Main
6""Mainhattan""  48  60chicabonita  Frankfurt am Main
7"Frankfurt - aka "Mainhattan""  27  105sue_stone  Sydney
8"frankfurt germany"  36  39doug48  Orlando
9"The Main Ingredient"  43  112yooperprof  Marquette
10"Frankfurt:More than just banks and airport"  23  18christine.j  Germany
11"What brought you to this page???"  23  15amyhenderson  Sydney
12"Welcome to Frankfurt"  19  49yumyum  Zürich
13"Been there 1000 times before......"  18  50tini58de  Karlsruhe
14"lenoreva's new Frankfurt am Main Page"  24  12lenoreva  Frankfurt am Main
15"Frankfurt am Main"  14  32micas_pt  Lisbon
16"Frankfurt"  24  74Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
17"Frankfurt - a home I really like"  18  7Phillylawyer_19107  Frankfurt am Main
18"Frankfurt am Main - Germany"  12  36MarioPortugal  Portugal
19"Frankfurt = Mainhattan"  9  10Bernd_L  Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
20"Frankfurt - it is all about finance"  36  49codrutz  Bucharest
21"Frankfurt am Main"  7  10Manara  Parma
22"Frankfurt am Main"  12  13Redang  Madrid
23"Last Day in Germany"  8  21travelfrosch  Boston
24"Finally Frankfurt"  8  38cjg1  New York City
25"Frankfurt - centre of the holy money :-)"  6  13Trekki  Germany
26"A Day in Frankfurt"  6  5ahoerner  Curitiba
27"Frankfurt am Main"  13  30mirchica  Plovdiv
28"First trip to Europe"  6  9alza  North America
29""Mainhatten" for U 2"  5  11icunme  Rome
30"My (rather large) VIP lounge"  23  90mikey_e  Ottawa
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