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1"Looking for a Lost Shangri-la"  44  46bpacker   Hong Kong
2"Vigi's Lijiang Page - Explore Old Town + Minority"  29  36vigi   Hong Kong
3"The place you can have a dream"  13  28jasmine_ding   Brisbane
4"Old town, streams, lakes and mountains"  51  237Willettsworld   United Kingdom
5"Lijiang"  20  32albaaust   Perth
6"Lijiang - is it real?"  11  22Ines28  Bocholt
7"Lijiang - Vintage China"  18  17konniemario  Shanghai
8"Why had I never discovered this place before?"  15  18sugarpuff  Gibraltar
9"The heaven one dreams"  13  39gigi_huang  Paris
10"The Old Town and the New Town"  85  310John195123  Louisville
11"Paradise in the mountains"  7  10GillianMcLaughlin  Brussels
12"Lijian Old Town"  14  18sunshinee  Hong Kong
13"Lijiang - Venice of the East"  9  1hooiluangoh  Penang
14"Lijiang - The Venice of the Orient"  9  9srd130  Nanjing
15"Sharrie's Lijiang Ancient Culture"  16  17Sharrie  Bali
16"Only a stop over"  5  15xaver  Porto Recanati
17"[NO TITLE]"  7  7Bonobo2005  Amsterdam
18"Un sitio para perderse/A place to get lost"  21  71elpariente  Santander
19"Lijiang, Yunnan"  3  6kpyam2000  Kuala Lumpur
20"Lijiang - capital of the Naxi-Kingdom"  10  12nepalgoods  Hamburg
21"The most beautiful place on Earth"  4  14piglet44  Israel
22"Could it be Shangri La?"  4  5CGarnett  Hong Kong
23"Under Construction"  15  14FreeCloud  North Carolina
24"An old town set in a new town"  6  24SPW  Williamstown
25"Where China goes to get,really"  3  4honurox  Kunming
26"LIJIANG SHUHE"  6  24Tedsocoa  Biarritz
27"Lijiang - A Historic Town"  13  16wonga0  Hong Kong
28"Lijiang September 2003"  14  15pkfops  San Francisco
29"Lose your heart out in the Old Town of Lijiang"  7  68darthmilmo  San Antonio
30"Under Construction"  4raraavis  Coyote Hole
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