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1"Wonderful Wales"  62  244Balam   Manchester
2"A Week in North Wales"  32  124stevezero   Belper
3"A beautifull country"  27  28Deus_ultima   Pen-y-cae
4"Croeso Cymru"  27  38grets   Bristol
5"Wales"  22  71nani80   Rijeka
6"A few nights in Wales"  22  23amandajayne81  Stanthorpe
7"Gwlad, Gwlad!!"  17  33aaaarrgh  Cardiff
8"A Road-trip Around Wales"  14  15Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
9"Wales"  17  21fishandchips  Christchurch
10"HERE BE DRAGONS!"  28  83muguruki  Wales
11"A land of wor"sheep" and castles"  12  32Folbi  Basel
12"Wales - Cymru & Snowdonia in Sunshine!"  11  9scotlandscotour  Orkney
13"Here be Dragons"  32  23lomi  Isla de Lanzarote
14"Wales"  26  34freya_heaven  Devon
15"wonderful wales"  15  18ettenaj  Bolton
16"Wonderful wales is waiting"  13  79gwendar  Blackburn
17"Two wonderful week s in Wales"  29  130himalia11  Schupbach
18"Wales"  47  48SilverTongue  Wales
19"All Action packed weekend organised by C2T"  13  32into-thin-air  Cumbria
20"Brydferth Cymru"  17  20lou31  Mackay
21"Wonderful Wales"  16  32sandysmith  West Kirby
22"Creoso y Cymru"  22  46barryg23  Ealing
23"Croeso South Glamorgan"  21  26Carmela71  Spain
24"Rolling hills and castle walls"  7  8acemj  Philadelphia
25"Barging through Wales"  5  6807Wheaton  Evans
26"HOME OF THE DRAGON"  4  13DAO  Wakefield
27"Wales"  7  8joolssss  Coventry
28"Croeso Cymru- Welcome to Wales"  3  9remigia  Kaunas
29"Southeast Wales"  7  8JellyTrollMorton  Pacific Palisades
30"[NO TITLE]"  14  13madfrenchgirl  World
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