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1"Sex and the city... so to speak."  78  86cheezecake_deli   London
2"Shanghai"  125  587rabbit06   Auckland
3"Essence of Shanghai"  50  51Guantanamera   World
4"Shanghai! Its a lively city"  66  73imstress   Singapore
5"5 Days in Shanghai"  38  136Mikebb   Perth
6"Shanghai - a classic blend of the old and the new"  42  107lindyz  Wollongong
7"Check out my blog -"  33  37MaosRedArmy  Shanghai
8"Shanghai - my favorite city!!"  49  80simcard  Wisconsin
9"IMPREXXION: SHANGHAI & SUZHOU"  35  58xuessium  Shanghai
10"Shanghai of my Dreams"  39  42herzog63  Kodiak
11"Pearl of the East"  28  27ahoerner  Curitiba
12"Fascinating Shanghai"  23  40Travelchili  Europe
13"The flip side of Shanghai"  25  6mke1963  London
14"Shanghai - The future of a whole country"  81  373Willettsworld  United Kingdom
15"Gaolei's Shanghai Page"  32  61gaolei  Westerly
16"Boom city"  22  46albaaust  Perth
17"Advice from American living in Shanghai"  24  5crewrower  Shanghai
18"Shanghai - Paris of the East"  25  46aukahkay  Singapore
19"Sharrie's Shanghai Future"  58  85Sharrie  Bali
20"Shanghai - the Asian metropole"  17  27ZenLady34  Porvoo
21"Shanghai (上海)"  38  186cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
22"Pearl of The Orient"  21  17yipsufen  Kuala Lumpur
23"Shanghai the Oriental Pearl"  19  9bitbit  Marion
24"Shanghai, China"  26  58meteorologist1  Chicago
25"The Hottest Summer in Shanghai for 50 years!"  12  30iwys  Salalah
26"SHANGHAI - METROPOLITAN"  12  50Azri_Azmi  Melaka
27"Cosmopolitan hub of finance and culture"  16  17Icemaiden02  Barnegat
28"Shanghai"  15  43mikelisaanna  New Jersey
29"Chinese New Year in Shanghai"  17  18socrates_07  Vienna
30"Shanghai, China"  19  141SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
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