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1"The echo of ancient"  39  89jasmine_ding   Brisbane
2"FABULOUS"  45  126solopes   Turquel
3"Xian "Peaceful western part of China""  28  54albaaust   Perth
4"Shifting cities"  22  28mke1963   London
5"Beautiful Xi'an"  20  22ahoerner   Curitiba
6"Xian - our stopover to see the Terracotta Army"  22  59lindyz  Wollongong
7"Qing Ming @Xi'an"  18  22muddybok  Malaysia
8"Xian, a city both modern and ancient"  18  57stevemt  Brisbane
9"Terracotta Warriors - Another China Wonder"  13  38Mikebb  Perth
10"Xi'an - China's Ancient Capital"  10  19mikelisaanna  New Jersey
11"Xi'an Dec 2004"  24  19walterwu  Singapore
12"Xi'an"  15  29easterntrekker  Halifax
13"Fascinating Xian"  11  28Paul2001  Toronto
14"Looking forward to go again"  11  23Museeuw  Zottegem
15"Xi'an ! The Terracotta Army"  11  19Luchonda  Gent
16"Xian - Warriors, Emperors and Walls."  23  63K.Knight  Buderim
17"Xi'an"  11  55Mairo21  Maui
18"Xi'An - The Terracotta Army Barracks are here"  15  15shivan  Rome
19"Here in Xian - my new home for the next year...."  11  36angiebabe   London
20"Xi-an"  11  24nattybabe  Dubai
21"YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWW Statues!"  11  68John195123  Louisville
22"This was the largest city in the world"  11  20dutchboycalledjan  The Hague
23"Xi'an"  8  12SallyM  Great Missenden
24"Xian"  8  9nepalgoods  Hamburg
25"Xi'An, the Old China"  6  9maywongkm  Beijing
26"Xian - Emperor Shi Huang Di"  5  6SLLiew  Penang
27"Xian - The cradle of Chinese civilisation"  75  346Willettsworld  United Kingdom
28"Xi'an - Ancient Capital"  4  7DSwede  Charleston
29"La Ciudad de los Guerreros / Warriors City"  15  42elpariente  Santander
30"[NO TITLE]"  10  9Limclarence  Singapore
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