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1"Fairyland!!!"  36  66albaaust   Perth
2"Springtime in Yangshuo"  23  23Guantanamera   World
3"The Most Relaxed Town in China"  22  48Sobe-A-Rush   Indonesia
4"Yangshuo is WestStreet, WestStreet is Yangshuo..."  72  194myspices   Malaysia
5"Backpackers' Paradise"  30  54yipsufen   Kuala Lumpur
6"Yangshuo"  13  16sunshinee  Hong Kong
7"What a Romantic town! Yangshuo (CHINA)"  31  54vigi  Hong Kong
8"Wonderful Landscape"  22  55solopes  Turquel
9"A tourist hive... and unexpected relief"  28  52John195123  Louisville
10"Yangshuo"  9  21AndreaPrice  Doha
11"Beautiful valley in between karst mountains"  7  25sunshine9689  San Francisco
12"Yangshuo - best spot in Guilin"  13  41sylina  Shanghai
13"Where the river seems to end"  9  17easterntrekker  Halifax
14"Yangshou"  11  12BluBluBlu  Goa
15"Yangshuo - Arrival point for the Li River cruise"  24  135Willettsworld  United Kingdom
16"Yang Shuo @ Guang Xi Province"  6  7qiuxy  Shanghai
17"A beautiful and relaxing place to see rural China"  8  7extrajoce  Singapore
18"Ruined"  8  6bhemak  Minneapolis
19"Yangshuo"  9  22nepalgoods  Hamburg
20"Home of Karst Mountains and Cormorant Fishing"  15  42K.Knight  Buderim
21"YANGSHUO"  21  33Umea6  Ljubljana
22"Great Yangshuo - the best part of the Li River!"  6  8tremendopunto  Bonn
23"Mountains-River"  11  11pginer  Valencia
24"[NO TITLE]"  6  5juliechiangmai  Chiang Mai
25"Yangshuo"  3  4Yunnanfu  Bretagne
26"Yangshuo"  3  18mskwan  North America
27"Yangshuo (April 2006)"  7  6explorer001  Kuala Lumpur
28"YANGSHUO"  6  5Avieira67  Ponta Delgada
29"[NO TITLE]"  6  10yangzhigong  Beijing
30"a beautiful place rather than guilin"  8  3neverstoptravel  Toronto
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