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1"Beautiful Extreme World"  68  76diageva   Kanton Aargau
2"Namibia, an unknown yet unique African gem"  61  94850prc   Florida
3"SAND, SUN AND SKYDIVING !!!!!"  52  250DAO   Wakefield
4"Namibia - the dry paradise"  37  44Myndo   Basel
5"Namibian Safari"  37  43GillianMcLaughlin   Brussels
6"Namibia"  35  68toonsarah  Ealing
7"Namibia - my introduction to Africa"  31  114magor65  Wroclaw
8"Namibia"  51  60Gili_S  Europe
9"Namibia - Land of Extremes"  29  58SanguiniA  Helsinki
10"Namibia"  26  38grets  Bristol
11"Namibia"  33  49chicabonita  Frankfurt am Main
12"miles of inexplicable lightness..."  25  45smirnofforiginal  Hertfordshire
13"Namibia"  22  36mad4travel  London
14"feeling alone among pure nature"  24  78cbeaujean  Málaga
15"A place in the middle of no where"  14  41Waxbag  United States of America
16"NAMIBIA"  14  44Acirfa  West Horsham
17"Namibia Overview"  18  73GrumpyDiver  Ottawa
18"What a Suprise"  12  15cleocat  Greater London
19"10 Days in Namibia"  12  23windsorgirl  Windsor
20"Namibia: beautiful empty space"  14  17peterscot  London
21"German traditions in southern Africa"  11  14Vita500  Kassel
22"Land of Contrast"  9  29THLIN  Shenzhen
23"Namibia: Where the Desert meets the Sea..."  10  13Bushman23  Ladysmith
24"Namibia - Beautiful and Wild!"  18  29MikeAtSea  Durban
25"Southern Africa's Jewel - Namibia"  10  42Amlah  Sheffield
26"Northern Namibia"  8  2Soili  Helsinki
27"All my pics at:"  13  47Pierangelo  Dubai
28"My favourite place on Earth"  4  8swakopgirl  Edinburgh
29"Namibia, a land of beautiful sunsets"  16  30krissyM  Walnut Creek
30"Namibia - an under rated African destination"  13  4tryhard  Naracoorte
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