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1"Kyoto is a must see for every tourist in Japan!"  100  468joiwatani   Seattle
2"Cultural Capital Kyoto"  175  621Rabbityama   Kyoto
3"WORLD OF ITS OWN (Kyoto,Nara,Osaka,Himeji & Kobe)"  54  87bkoon   Johor Bahru
4"Kyoto"  49  104Gili_S   Europe
5"KYOTO - THE HEART OF JAPAN"  33  73Pixiekatten   Edinburgh
6"City of two thousand shrines"  26  115toonsarah   Ealing
7"KYOTO"  25  60naruto  Saitama-ken
8"Kyoto: A Family Trip Through a World Heritage City"  44  84BorderHopper  Los Angeles
9"Kyoto, a cultural highlight"  40  93tompt  Noordeinde
10"TO THE CITY OF TEMPLES, SHRINES AND CASTLES..."  24  46heywinks  Boston
11"Kyoto - city of temples"  21  20Ines28  Bocholt
12"Kyoto - a world heritage city"  28  32worldkiwi  Auckland Region
13"Kyoto Charms"  20  53Restless-in-kl  Kuala Lumpur
14"Kyoto - Temples and Culture"  19  19SLLiew  Penang
15"Kyoto"  70  109j-san  Victoria
16"Kyoto - Ancient capital of Japan"  16  50aukahkay  Singapore
17"Is kyoto"  18  46devmicha  Vancouver Island
18"Japanese Historical city....Kyoto!!"  18  55AyurinHiro  Osaka
19"Geisha tales"  13  30xaver  Porto Recanati
20"Tranquility and Peace Capital"  26  60bladedragon  Singapore
21"Kyoto"  29  72vic&michael  Kyoto
22"Kyoto in April"  14  24trvlrtom  San Jose
23"The repository of Japanese culture"  14  17hundertmorgen  West Seattle
24"The crown Jewel of Japan !!!!!"  26  92jlanza29  Miami
25"City of Temples"  14  15ClareyD  Watford
26"Kyoto -- Itsumo Atarashii Koto"  14  17DirtyRudy  Sexmoan
27"A Place of Deja vu"  26  56yukisanto  Singapore
28"Kyoto! My Favourite City in Japan!"  12  60dancinbudgie  Newcastle
29"KYOTO is an anagram of TOKYO"  10  12giampiero6  Venice
30"Kyoto - home of traditional Japanese culture"  22  24konniemario  Shanghai
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