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1"Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!"  59  102jamiesno   Goose Bay
2"Really Explore Puerto Vallarta"  31  38mjd74   Chicago
3"Essential PV"  37  5richmalak   Milwaukee
4"Long time in Returning to Puerto Vallarta!!!"  24  28extremist   Anchorage
5"Still the "Real Deal""  22  59spartan   Oceanside
6"Bienvenidos a Mexico"  57  86monica71  Saint Charles
7"Puerto Vallarta: A resort town w/cultural hold"  31  90Mindy_J  Franklin
8"susie margaret and puerto vallarta, mexico"  39susiemargare  Franklin
9"Is this your first time? It won't be your last..."  12  7J_P_B  Birmingham
10"Puerto Vallarta - Very Pretty and Charming Place"  14  45scott_dallas  Dallas
11"Night of the Iquana"  19  42BLewJay  Oceanside
12"Puerto Vallarta - Mexico's Pacific Cancun?"  10  33ScubaCat  Kansas
13"Puerto Vallarta is the place to go!"  11  4Chica_Mellie  Calgary
14"Puerto Vallarta, Mexico"  16  8taryn21  Altona
15"Puerto Vallarta"  9  16travelgourmet  Westlake Village
16"BIENVENIDOS A' PUERTO VALLARTA"  9  65LoriPori  Windsor
17"This is Puerto Vallarta"  34  73Skye_Miles  Abbotsford
18"Wonderful place to visit"  8  8ZanieOR  Joseph
19"Pat and Zo Ann in Puerto Vallarta"  15  55Pat&ZoAnn  Vancouver
20"What a beautiful town!"  13  27Srechko  Santiago
21"Puerto Vallarta"  14  31LeoM  Everett
22"It's all about sharing!"  16  15garyrbeck  San Francisco
23"My Favorite Mexican City"  11  16changeinlatitude  Saint Louis
24"Much more than a pretty face...."  11  11cybercutie  Calgary
25"Best place on Earth!"  10  35Rachelle88  Calgary
26"NIce but very touristy"  4  11meeshelmybelle  Claremont
27"Puerto Vallarta in One Day"  4  4GinGinCoo  Temecula
28"Nuevo Vallarta"  7  8toontown  Vancouver
29"San Francisco, MX. (Just north of PV)"  6  21TRVLRZ  Indianapolis
30"Beautiful Beaches of Banderas Bay"  4Ames24  Altona
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