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1"Petroleum Capitol and Site of Olmec Civilization"  3  12atufft   Stockton
2"Where We Used to Live"  17  18lokibinky   Tomball
3"Villahermosa..!"  2  4elgarbo   Jannali
4"What, no pictures?"  2  3shdw100   Kansas City
5"Olmecs in Villahermosa"  1  1metteks   Kolding
6"VILLAHERMOSA, Mexico"  1  5patricia28  Antofagasta
7"An Oil and Gas City Built on Ancient Olmec Soil"  6  5DSwede  Corpus Christi
8"Villahermosa - a HOT city"  5Laumas  Buffalo
9"The beautiful city? Not really"  2IceBear7  New Zealand