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1"Banff & Rocky Mountains On My Top 5 Destinations"  31  99Mikebb   Perth
2"Banff the first Town on our Canadian Rockies trip"  22  65Waalewiener   Windsor
3"Beautiful Banff"  22  19GentleSpirit   Rockville
4"Beautiful Banff"  20  37Karlie85   Edmonton
5"Banff"  12  13doreenellen   Halstead
6"BEAUTIFUL BANFF, ALBERTA"  12  14LoriPori  Windsor
7"BANFF and the BANFF NATIONAL PARK"  12  15balhannah  Brisbane
8"Cool town in the Canadian Rockies"  7  6Jefie  Quebec
9"The town of Banff is fun in its own right"  11  12zrim  Northfield
10"Sharrie's Banff Essence"  42  42Sharrie  Hong Kong
11"This will be fun..."  11  16lohki  Toronto
12"Banff: A Resort Town in the Canadian Rockies"  10  12londonlover  Chicago
13"Banff Springs Hotel"  13  18YolandaC  Calgary
14"Banff, Alberta"  6  10jamiesno  Goose Bay
15"TOWN of BANFF, ALBERTA, CANADA"  3  18Jareotto  Edmonton
16"Banff"  3  8RavensWing   Edmonton
17"[NO TITLE]"  4  4ylisa  Fort Lauderdale
18"The Slush Cup!!!"  5  5cybercutie  Calgary
19"Banff"  4  6spidermiss  Leeds
20"Banff, capital of the Rockies"  5  8vtveen  Apeldoorn
21"Beautiful Banff"  3  17Tricky_Dicky69  Rochester
22"Beautiful Banff"  9  20joanj  Ipswich
23"Banff - The Winter Wonderland"  9  18Chris_Louise  Sydney
24"More Than Meets the Eye"  2  2Xspecht  Coeur d'Alene
25"Banff"  19  9VTShounen  Edmonton
26"Banff, Alberta"  8  15klj&a  Seattle
27"The Banff experience - Bring your money with you!"  1  2K.Knight  Buderim
28"Banff, Alberta"  4  10Hanau93  Saint Albert
29"BANFF"  6  18emerson24_2002  Fairbanks
30"Banff, Alberta"  2  3karen75  Toronto
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