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1"Banff"  90  108zrim   Northfield
2"CANADA'S FIRST NATIONAL PARK"  54  77madamx   Calgary
3"under re construction please come back"  37  41scottishvisitor   Aberdeen
4"The Canadian Rockies"  30  80Camping_Girl   Nanton
5"BANFF NATIONAL PARK"  54  62Lady_Mystique   Ladysmith
6"Not Really Bashing Banff But...."  24  41richiecdisc  Munich
7"Banff National Park"  26  24Webboy  Scotland
8"This Banff National Park is absolutely beautiful."  20  47Waalewiener  Windsor
9"Banff National Park"  13  16JanPeter74  Rotterdam
10"Banff - Too Beautiful to be True!"  12  17Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
11"Banff - Nice but Crowded"  17  70Hermanater  Calgary
12"THE CANADIAN ROCKY MOUNTAINS"  33  49lazyman_1  Toronto
13"Beautiful, but sometimes Busy.....BANFF"  17  18windsorgirl  Windsor
14"Mountains"  14  20Redlats  Winnipeg
15"Banff National Park"  26  28lhe  Toronto
16"Park Animals"  11  18RACCOON1  Toronto
17"Sharrie's Canadian Rockies Extravaganza"  62  62Sharrie  Bali
18"Business and Pleasure"  10  8MissAntarctica2002  Milton
19"BANFF NATIONAL PARK"  8  10LoriPori  Windsor
20"Banff n.p"  7  8orke  Israel
21"Banff: An unusual name, for an unusual place..."  7  10kymbanm  Albuquerque
22"Banff National Park"  7  18spidermiss  Leeds
23"Banff National Park of Canada"  85  94sunnywong  Burnaby
24"One of Canada's Highlights"  8  9mishadawn  Calgary
25"Banff National Park"  6  19GrumpyDiver  Ottawa
26"The Stuff That Makes Us Travel"  18  26easterntrekker  Halifax
27"Nature, for the people"  12  10VTShounen  Edmonton
28"Wow."  12  33PinkFloydActuary  Gurnee
29"Canada's first national park"  4  26BLewJay  Oceanside
30"Banff National Park"  11  12chris_i79  Vancouver
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