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1"IN THE VALLEY OF THE BOW"  79  79madamx   Calgary
2"Calgary, Alberta, Canada"  65  165penumbra   Calgary
3"HATS OFF TO CALGARY"  37  66scottishvisitor   Aberdeen
4"Calgary - A Friendly City"  31  52Bwana_Brown   Fredericton
5"Home, Sweet Home..."  39  35cybercutie   Calgary
6"CALGARY - CANADIAN PRARIE METROPOLIS"  13  35mtncorg  Portland
7"Come visit Calgary and the mountains!"  18  7mishadawn  Calgary
8"I may live in Toronto..."  15  27lohki  Toronto
9"To and From Calgary"  34  19Jetgirly  North America
10"Welcome to God's Country!!"  30  98lauriejeanne  Oceanside
11"Home of the famous Calgary Stampede"  35  48spartan  Oceanside
12"Calgary"  7  7Webboy  Scotland
13"A special town"  12  15Christian.Lafont  Trip
14"Calgary"  22  29Redang  Madrid
15"MY HOME IN CANADA"  5  24mamasan69  Calgary
16"~ Calgary ~"  5  24RavensWing  Edmonton
17"[NO TITLE]"  21  26krissyM  Walnut Creek
18"An adventure waiting to happen"  4  12jojocan  Grande Prairie
19"Calgary, Alberta"  13  20HotSpotJ  Roanoke
20"calgary in motion"  5  4MURRA  Toronto
21"Four european girls in Calgary"  21  46ptitetoile  Brussels
22"Calgary Alberta Canada"  18  21trek06  Canada
23"Our 2nd home north of the border"  7  18BLewJay  Oceanside
24"Calgary - i.e. Winnipeg west"  14  14Redlats  Winnipeg
25"An awesome city to call home!"  16  3Maurgan  Calgary
26"Calgary!"  9  8Breen  Ottawa
27"Calgary"  5  6Blatherwick  New Westminster
28"[NO TITLE]"  2  7polartraveller  Tianjin Shi
29"UNDER CONSTRUCTION"  17Shade420  Calgary
30"Cowtown"  15  22glicko  Calgary
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