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1"Drumheller"  10  26Karlie85   Edmonton
2"DRUMHELLER - Where Dinosaurs once roamed"  8  11balhannah   Brisbane
3"Drumheller - badlands, hoodoos, canyons & coulees"  5  6K.Knight   Buderim
4"Drumheller and the Surrounding Valley"  10  12canuckmike   Edmonton
5"Dino's Galore"  3  4jojocan   Grande Prairie
6"Alberta's Badlands - The Drumheller Valley"  15  16sunnywong  Burnaby
7"Home of the dinosaurs"  7  36jojes  Tongeren
8"Drumheller = Dinosaur Heaven!"  2  4Carmanah  Vancouver
9"Dinosaurs & Hoodoos in Drumheller"  1  8GrumpyDiver  Ottawa
10"Welcome to Dinosaur Land!"  2  1Quartzy  Gatineau
11"Way way back into the past"  1  29gubbi1  Aschaffenburg
12"Drumheller - The Badlands"  2  13Hermanater  Calgary
13"A visit to Drumheller"  1  4Fudge  Singapore
14"Alberta's Dinosaur Valley"  3  4Rice_Paper  Edmonton