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1"EGYPT - DECODING THE PAST"  68  69pangtidor   Missouri
2"Egypt- "Welcome to Egypt, Where's my tip? ""  87  226matt10gonzalez   Bacolod City
3"Small pieces of a beautiful dream"  65  148Diana75   Bucharest
4"Another point of view on history of Egypt"  62  154Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
5"Egypt"  50  143MalenaN   Europe
6"Paul2001's Egypt Page"  50  93Paul2001  Toronto
7"Nile Cruise- experience the Pharaonic times &Sharm"  42  42Myndo  Basel
8"Land of the Pharaohs"  41  43TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
9"EGYPT Land of the Pharonic past"  46  47Vintom  Wisbech
10"Egypt"  42  78sachara  Emmen
11"Egypt Independently"  63  38graeme83  St Albans
12"Egypt - Must-sees"  37  44JanPeter74  Rotterdam
13"A Journey Through Time"  38  44travelinxs  England
14"Culture, diving and dessert"  59  239Joenes  Breda
15"Rachel Suns Egypt Page"  59  67rachel_sun  England
16"Unbelievable journey"  29  33rcsparty  Detroit
17"Egypt- unforgettable journey"  25  28Barboreczka  Krakow
18"Egypt"  28  37mad4travel  London
19"Egypt - a trip in the heart of mythology"  44  49Muya  Sirault
20"E*g*y*p*t is in my Heart"  28  35DunaKal  Jiddah
21"Egypt a la carte"  27  116solopes   Turquel
22"THE MYSTERIES OF EGYPT"  21  149schurlif  Valinhos
23"Egypt"  23  34Cynthia_marie  Ottawa
24"Egypt"  50  40dr.firas  Como
25"~ Amazing Egypt ~"  46  64freya_heaven  Devon
26"Walk Like An Egyptian"  28  47viddra  Kikinda
27"Jumping into the Nile River to explore Egypt!"  13  46jumpingnorman  Phoenix
28"Egypt, Land of the Shawarma!"  15  17michaelxxx  Bacolod
29"Egypt"  20  155al2401  Palmwoods
30"Sarah and I head to the Nile!"  14  15ATXtraveler  Allen
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