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1"WE ALTERNATE"  184  419pieter_jan_v   Hengelo
2"Where Tvor Lives"  126  155tvor   Halifax
3"Halifax MY Home Town"  73  70easterntrekker   Halifax
4"Fantastic Halifax"  24  35PA2AKgirl   Bellevue
5"Canada's Ocean Playground"  23  36Jefie   Quebec
6"Halifax - North America's Major Port City"  38  155victorwkf  Serangoon
7"Sleeping with Juan: Halifax"  19  20richiecdisc  Munich
8"Rob Heralds Halifax"  20  16RobDavis  Province of New Brunswick
9"My Favorite City In The Whole World"  97  11Cashee  Bridgeport
10"Halifax, Nova Scotia."  17  48Tricky_Dicky69  Rochester
11"What an excellent city."  37  145planxty   London
12"Halifax"  12  24marcoparco  Kigali
13"Charming and Sophesticated Halifax"  11  24850prc  Florida
14"Halifax-Gateway to Nova Scotia"  13  14GentleSpirit  Rockville
15"Halifax"  9  38Kaspian  North Bay
16"Halifax"  13  14Blatherwick  New Westminster
17"~ Halifax ~"  14  45RavensWing  Edmonton
18"Welcome To Canada's Eastern Gateway"  10  10wreckloose  Vancouver
19"The "capital of Atlantic Canada""  12  11brazwhazz  Montreal
20"Home sweet home..."  8  9Munkee  Halifax
21"Friendly Nova Scotia"  14  19Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
22"[NO TITLE]"  5seasonedveteran  Windsor
23"duanestorey's new Halifax Page"  6  12duanestorey  Vancouver
24"HALIFAX"  4  9Aafia  Cape Breton Island
25"Nova Scotia's Capital"  9  12King_Golo  Tuttlingen
26"On My Own In Halifax"  13  14davidjoha  Osceola
27"Great Gateway to Nova Scotia"  4jquillm1  Louisville
28"Halifax"  7  2deptlads  Deptford
29"Welcome to Halifax!"  4  3nsca  Halifax
30"[NO TITLE]"  2Haligonian  North Halifax
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