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1"Kingston and the 1000 Islands"  15  56janika   Ottawa
2"Canada's First Capital....Kingston"  11  14windsorgirl   Windsor
3"A beautiful drive to Kingston"  8  21Bwana_Brown   Fredericton
4"A City Full of History"  10  10Jefie   Quebec
5"My Kingston and Wolfe Island page"  5  9marielexoteria   Barcelona
6"Canada's First Capital"  14  2Highbrae  Kingston
7"The Thousand Islands"  8  9GUYON  Paris
8"sunnywong's Kingston and 1000 Islands Page"  29  46sunnywong  Burnaby
9"Deus_ultima's new Kingston Page"  35  34Deus_ultima  Pen-y-cae
10"[NO TITLE]"  1  5Mariaho  World
11"[NO TITLE]"  1Magelanist  World
12"~ Where History and Innovation Thrive ~"  2  9RavensWing   Edmonton
13"Kingston, Ontario, Canada"  2  3deschain  Toronto
14"Our first family visit to Canada in August 1989"  2  25Suzze  Kent
15"First Capital of United Canadas"  3  7Babzz  Burlington
16" Kingston "  2  11eternel2002  Montreal
17"katie_park's new Kingston Page"  4  5katie_park  Seoul
18"Andrew's Kingston Page"  5  1vtvroom  Kingston
19"Thousand Islands - Jewels of the Great Lakes"  15  43Pete_Thera  Bangkok
20"Gateway to the 1000 Islands"  15  3hayward68  Toronto
21"Craig's Kingston Page"  4  1sirpantsalot  Winnipeg
22"Kentbein's new Kingston Page"  15  16Kentbein  Middleburg