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1"Bienvenue a Montreal! (Welcome!!!)"  78  105rmdw   Vancouver
2"A Wonderful Winter Weekend!"  52  38nicolettart   New Jersey
3"Fall in love with Montréal..."  55  272etrehumain   Montreal
4"Montreal"  37  99Dabs   Chicago
5"Montreal"  46  153Jim_Eliason   Arlington
6"MONTRÉAL - our entry to Canada"  30  95tiabunna  Batemans Bay
7"HOCHELAGA"  61  64RafaelTheSecond  Rio de Janeiro
8"Montréal: the coolest city in Canada, guaranteed"  39  75Carmanah  Vancouver
9"Je Me Souviens. . . de Montreal"  70  137yooperprof  Marquette
10"My home town"  48  46brazwhazz  Montreal
11"Montreal, my ever changing city"  42  63Gwenvar  Montreal
12"Montreal, Quebec!"  38  93jamiesno  Goose Bay
13"Deus_ultima's Montreal Page"  65  57Deus_ultima  Pen-y-cae
14"Montreal home"  47  48vibi68  Montreal
15"Not Paris, Not NYC, Not Toronto - just Montreal"  23  48Tom_In_Madison  Madison
16"The Guide to Montreal"  45  20wahine76  Montreal
17"My pictures and video clips"  21  23nickyte  Montreal
18"Unique City!"  58  56Eilian  Montreal
19"Canada's Melting Pot"  23  105Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
20"Montréal, je t'adore!"  24  20lotta29  Espoo
21"Welcome to Montreal thank you for visiting"  17  34irishgalmtl  Montreal
22"My Ancestors' City"  18  16peach93  Massachusetts
23"Montreal"  21  15Marie-Claude  Montreal
24"Montréal, C'est Magnifique!!!"  21  99Marisola  Chicago
25"Montreal Tips and Stops"  51  53Stellaluna  York
26"Are we in France?"  26  140GracesTrips  Los Angeles
27"Montreal"  16  35marcoparco  Kigali
28"Do they really speak french?"  41  50excentrus  Montreal
29"Montreal"  57  80acemj  Philadelphia
30"Bienvenue à Montréal"  26  10RandomJunkie  Longueuil
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