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1"CANADA - OTTAWA"  110  555Regina1965   Reykjavík
2"My Home town.....a work in progress : o ]"  54  184Greggor58   Ottawa
3"O t t a w a"  82  384kris-t   Belle River
4"Definitely A Tale Of Two Cities!!"  62  125johngayton   Lundy Island
5"Ottawa, Ontario! The Canadian Capital!"  49  134jamiesno   Goose Bay
6"The capital city of Canada"  53  113janika  Ottawa
7"Birthdays, Elections , Harvesting"  58  176kenHuocj  Ottawa
8"Ottawa! The Capital!"  45  65duanestorey  Vancouver
9"Ottawa - a very beautiful small city"  18  47Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
10"Queen Victoria Done Good!"  67  144yooperprof  Marquette
11"Exploring Ottawa for the first time"  22  45Carmanah  Vancouver
12"Ottawa, Canada's Capital City"  32  32Lisser  Pictou
13"Ottawa, Canada's Capital (former ByTown)"  64  244pieter_jan_v  Hengelo
14"Canada's Capital City!"  20  29Jefie  Quebec
15"My 'touristy' trip to Ottawa"  18  1oceania26  Toronto
16"Ottawa - Canada's Capital"  25  233GrumpyDiver  Ottawa
17"A Great City To Visit"  16  60Mikebb  Perth
18"Ottawa"  25  4Canadian_girl  Ottawa
19"Ottawa - Beautiful Capital of Canada"  41  170victorwkf  Serangoon
20"First Trip to the Canadian Capital!"  12  23NC_Ziggy  Hickory
21"Ottawa - Canada"  41  36deadites  Trondheim
22"Ottawa"  12  17Redang  Madrid
23"My Visits to Canada's Capital"  14  41Paul2001  Toronto
24"Thirst Quencing Ottawa"  8  9richiecdisc  Munich
25"Ottawa"  24  21MDH  Davis
26"Ottawa, Canada's Capital"  16  12tvor  Halifax
27"My introduction to beautiful Canada"  7  24marielexoteria  Copenhagen
28"The diplomat walk"  7  18alza  North America
29"Ottawa - The Capital of Canada"  8  14mim95  Toronto
30"Canada's Capital!"  10  36Marisola  Chicago
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