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1"Charming village of Tadoussac"  11  13GentleSpirit   Rockville
2"Quebec's natural wonderland"  6  10mim95   Toronto
3"The most beautiful village in Quebec!"  5  8Jefie   Quebec
4"whales whales and whales"  3  1shashasharon   Montreal
5"Tadoussac"  3  13eternel2002   Montreal
6"Charlevoix Region and Fjord du Saguenay"  5  14cfuentesm  Mexico City
7"Tadoussac -gorgeous village of Manicougan (Quebec)"  1  15L-A  Ottawa
8"One of the few places where you can meet whales"  1  4etrehumain  Montreal
9"Sailing in Tadoussac"  1  7ambergs7  Chalk River
10"Tadoussac"  1Marie-Claude  Montreal
11"Tadoussac Quebec"  2  13Simonneeddy  Province of Quebec