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1"A Local's Perspective"  238  390Carmanah   Vancouver
2"Vancouver, BC - Canada's Pacific Gem!"  172  287rmdw   Vancouver
3"Vancouver, BC, Canada!"  59  102jamiesno   Goose Bay
4"Vancouver, my current home"  46  143spitball   Vancouver
5"Vancouver,the best neighbor city of the USA!"  51  265joiwatani   Seattle
6"The big city on the West Coast"  45  89Jefie  Quebec
7"Welcome to Beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada"  45  235Ann75  Vancouver
8"The West Coast is the Best Coast!"  33  29Jyrki  Vancouver
9"The city I hardly knew"  64  107duanestorey  Vancouver
10"Beautiful City, Fun Place To Holiday"  31  69Mikebb  Perth
11"Vancouver, British Columbia"  26  60arasnosliw  Jolly Dump
12"Biljana's Vancouver page"  41  32Biljana  Vancouver
13"Sleepy City"  43  38nigelw6443  Berlin
14"Vancouver, Eh?"  24  143Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
15"Vancouver"  22  24paradisedreamer  Cape Town
16"Vancouver"  24  21tvor  Halifax
17"Vancouver"  23  59Dabs  Chicago
18"Vancouver In 48 Hours"  16  30madamx  Calgary
19"Vancouver - Home Sweet Home"  40  40ct-bound  Carrboro
20"BEAUTIFUL VANCOUVER"  15  26balhannah  Brisbane
21"tvdm's reVamped Vancouver page"  16  13tvdm  Amsterdam
22"Beautiful Setting"  23  31GentleSpirit  Rockville
23"My Favourite City"  22  35toontown  Vancouver
24"Vancouver"  27  72Redang  Madrid
25"Vancouver BC"  26  26carlosx  Vancouver
26"Vancouver : my home town"  69  82sunnywong  Burnaby
27"Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada"  14  30penumbra  Calgary
28"Vancouver 007"  15  15JennysTravels  Sardegna
29"VIBRANT VANCOUVER, B.C."  11  14LoriPori  Windsor
30"Vancouver"  14  14don_thomas  Utrecht
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