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1"Very Victoria"  136  137Jetgirly   North America
2"A Canadian city with a British twist!"  31  65Jefie   Quebec
3"A Trip Home is ALWAYS GREAT !!"  29  99Greggor58   Ottawa
4"Quenching the Thirst of a Glorious Past: Victoria"  25  45richiecdisc   Munich
5"Victoria, where I learnt more than just a language"  62  76cinthya_in_victoria   Mexico City
6"VICTORIA"  26  44Lady_Mystique  Ladysmith
7"Living in Paradise - happy to share"  43  20suziezed  Uppsala
8"Facing the Weather and the Mountains"  73  237glabah  Lents
9"Welcome to Victoria!"  59  134Carmanah  Vancouver
10"Visiting Vancouver Island, Greater Victoria"  31  75Minka007  Victoria
11"Victoria, the British in British Columbia"  17  70Dabs  Chicago
12"Victoria - city of beautiful gardens"  20  21galy  Haifa District
13"Beautiful and Serene Victoria"  15  43rmdw  Vancouver
14"VICTORIA - PECULAIRLY CANADIAN"  14  39mtncorg  Portland
15"Grace and Beauty"  11  18tvor  Halifax
16"Beautiful Victoria"  25  48Albernfrau  Nanaimo
17"Home, sweet home."  15  19traveler326157  London
18"Victoria - March 2010"  12  18Karlie85  Edmonton
19"Victoria; British Columbia's Capital City"  21  118spitball  Vancouver
20"Is Victoria"  15  11devmicha  Vancouver Island
21"Victoria"  19  31Redang  Madrid
22"VICTORIA, B.C."  8  8LoriPori  Windsor
23"Victoria, British Columbia, Canada -A Small Jewel"  11  11Sandi-2004  San Francisco
24"Victoria, Canada"  9  13penumbra  Calgary
25"Victoria"  9  51Karolina01  Regina
26"Victoria!"  7  9btex  Texas
27"Capital of British Columbia."  15  19worldkiwi  Auckland Region
28"Victoria"  24  42Blatherwick  New Westminster
29"Victoria"  4  6JanPeter74  Rotterdam
30"Victoria, Canada: A pleasant getaway"  5  14joiwatani  Seattle
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