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1"Waiting for April Fool's Day in Laramie"  24  85atufft   Stockton
2"A friendly university town with a nice vibe"  8  14toonsarah    Ealing
3"Laramie - a small town on the high prairies"  3  278Eva   Wyoming
4"7200' Are we at the top yet?!?!"  2  2jarik   Laramie
5"Welcome to 7200 feet above sea level"  3  4wazlill   Laramie
6"lewade's new Laramie Page"  3  4lewade  Brookeland
7"Microbrews"  1Asura  Laramie
8"Laramie, Wyoming"  1  1ErinJill  Laramie
9"Laramie... for awhile anyways"  2Caolonm  Laramie
10"[NO TITLE]"  1JKSmithPE  Alaska
11"[NO TITLE]"  1rockonkash  Laramie