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1"State capital or small town?"  10  15toonsarah   Ealing
2"Frontier Days"  8  30frankcanfly   Baltimore
3"Frontier Capital City"  6  7mrclay2000   Oklahoma City
4"CHEYENNE, WYOMING"  11  31Rich62   Kearney
5"Cheyenne"  6  14Astrobuck   Texas
6"Cheyenne - a part of American history"  3  5OlenaKyiv  Denver
7"Cheyenne, Wyoming"  5horsinround2  Nashville
8"Pamela_Peace's Jackson Hole Page"  3  3Pamela_Peace  Little Rock
9"Don't be Shy in Cheyenne!"  3  5yooperprof  Marquette
10"Cheyenne : a name not like the others"  4  3GUYON  Paris
11"Hunting?"  1  1Brix67  Erie
12"[NO TITLE]"  1Caolonm  Laramie
13"Urville's Cheyenne Page"  5urville  Cheyenne
14"Cheyenne"  5  6ephobius  Querétaro
15"[NO TITLE]"  1John195123  Louisville
16"What's in Cheyenne??"  1  1beckyfish  Denver
17"hersheybar's new Cheyenne page"  6  4hersheybar  Hershey
18"Kentbein's new Cheyenne Page"  4  5Kentbein  Middleburg