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1"The famous Space Needle in Seattle"  192  1701joiwatani   Seattle
2"<) @ L was great!"  69  116jamiesno   Goose Bay
3"Emerald City of the Northwest"  171  881glabah    Lents
4"It's not always raining in Seattle"  61  60Summer33   Los Angeles
5"Seattle"  61  109davequ   Penistone
6"Never Sip-less in Seattle"  32  44richiecdisc  Munich
7"A Great Place to Live"  80  61Sunshine64  Seattle
8"Quirky, funky, rainy Seattle!!"  30  66Jefie   Quebec
9"SEATTLE - THE EMERALD CITY"  23  28starship  United States of America
10"Two Visits"  31  171grandmaR  Leonardtown
11"Seattle- Gem of the Northwest"  32  35Venturingnow  Tampa
12"Gem of the Northwest"  24  56SteveOSF  California
13"THE EMERALD CITY - My Home Town"  33  42Johnscarroll  Seattle
14"just the beginning"  20  21Jonathan_C  Fremont
15"Emerald City or constant Grey-cloud infested City?"  36  49barney1974  Washington State
16"Seattle! Rainy gem of the Pacific Northwest!"  40  56wanderlust23  Seattle
17"Jewel of the Northwest"  22  73goodfish  Minneapolis
18"SEATTLE"  15  16Lady_Mystique  Ladysmith
19"Seattle - Home of Fishing, Rain and Starbucks!"  16  16ATXtraveler  Allen
20"Smashing Seattle"  35  78yooperprof  Marquette
21"Sunny Seattle?"  33  136Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
22"Seattle"  19  23Erin74  Los Angeles
23"The Most Wonderful Place to Live!"  14  12Brehone  Seattle
24"-OZ-"  11  12tpal  Buffalo
25"Patrick's Seattle Page"  24  20archan4698  Seattle
26"Spectacular surroundings and cold weather"  12  44Maria250  Germany
27"SEATTLE WASHINGTON STATE USA"  14  33Rumi-fan  Sydney
28"Seattle"  27  20sarahandgareth  Medford
29"[NO TITLE]"  8  26Marianne2  Seattle
30"Seattle: Falling for the Northwest"  11  22peach93  Massachusetts
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