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1"Bellingham"  26  57LeoM   Everett
2"B'ham"  40  5artgrad   Portland
3"Bellingham -Ski to Sea"  9  19Bellinghamster   Bellingham
4"Who knew?"  9  6dragoness86   Olympia
5"Small city in the great Northwest"  5  6cvilla007   Nagoya
6"My life in Bellingham"  4  6RavPadfoot  Olympia
7"[NO TITLE]"  1  3Marianne2  Seattle
8"Off the Beaten Path!"  1  2Faustinah  Salida
9"San Juan & Gulf Islands"  1  4JoAnn&Chris  Boise
10"[NO TITLE]"  1Carmanah  Vancouver
11" hometown!"  1  1arcangel62000  Bellingham
12"A lovely place to be"  6cochinjew  Havana
13"City of Subdued Excitement"  3  2zhamster  Bellingham
14"[NO TITLE]"  1Hillsidegarden  Bellingham
15"[NO TITLE]"  1Naradja  Sacramento
16"Ahh.. Bellingham!"  1  1TexasLinda  Houston
17"City of Subdued Excitement"  2sparkwash  Bellingham