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1"Burlington, Vermont"  11  12Goner   Portsmouth
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7"When does a flatlander ever become a Vermonter?"  1  1snakecitygirl  Burlington
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9"Road Trip to Vermont"  3kacooke  Silver Spring
10"Burlington, VT and Lake Champlain"  3  4RhondaRuth  Salem
11"Burlington"  18  44leffe3  Melbourne
12"Making A Pilgrimage"  5cjg1  New York City
13"[NO TITLE]"  1Aaron7  South Phoenix
14"oneonta_ni's new Burlington Page"  1  1oneonta_ni  Belfast
15"Day Long Road Trip"  2  2freespirit13  Montreal
16"craftsman"  5  2craftsman  Vancouver
17"Burlington: Voted Best City in America by A&E Chan"  4  3netrad  Burlington
18"[NO TITLE]"  2roberteamoore  Burbank
19"Burlington is a great place to be..."  1toomsooba  Montpelier
20"AlitanLH's Blustery Burlington Break"  6  6AlitanLH  Orlando
21"Mountains and lakes."  1Travmad  Pennsylvania
22"Vibrant Vermont!"  1smokinggenie  North America