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1"My Hometown, USA, Memphis, Tennessee"  35  70Elena_007   Memphis
2"Home of the Blues & Birthplace of Rock 'n Roll"  51  52myrtle   Memphis
3"Graceland, Music, and BBQ!"  20  60Hopkid   Richmond
4"Ducks, Grizzlies and Kings"  32  164grandmaR   Leonardtown
5"Down Home Memphis Hospitality & Pride"  12  26richiecdisc   Munich
6"Memphis, Tennessee"  10  5peach93  Massachusetts
7"Memphis, Tennessee - more than just Graceland!"  11  8anderschwan  Chattanooga
8"Graceland In Memphis"  26  23Yasmine03  Malaysia
9"Memphis, Tenn."  29  31eddieboy726  Granite City
10"Long Live the King!"  8  13vivalasteph  Boston
11"Memphis, the Kings and I"  8  13challenger  Cork
12"Memphis"  7  31dlandt  Chicago
13"Memphis, TN..Fun on Beale Street"  46  181butterflykizzez04  Nashville
14"memphis tennessee"  12  27doug48  Orlando
15"Great Place"  6  5Bullabong  Letchworth
16"Memphis"  17  20Jim_Eliason  Arlington
17"Emerging Southern Jewel of Good Music, BBQ & more"  5  48marinarena  Orange
18"Sunny Skies and Memphis Blues"  5  65aphrodyte  Overland Park
19"Walking Through Memphis.. In My Blue Suede Shoes.."  15  44TravellerMel  Franklin
20"Memphis: Where Rock Was Born"  12  27Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
21"[NO TITLE]"  4  4cruisingbug  New York State
22"Home of Elvis and the Blues"  5  3etfromnc  Matthews
23"Memphis, TN, US."  16  78Danalia  Tel Aviv District
24"Birthplace of the Blues"  25  43frankcanfly  Baltimore
25"Memphis"  4  24Kaspian  North Bay
26"Memphis TN"  6  15imlikeabird  Springfield
27"Walking in Memphis..."  16  11sarahbeth11  Overland Park
28"[NO TITLE]"  7  6lashr1999  New York City
29"Spend a day at Graceland"  8  23807Wheaton  Evans
30"[NO TITLE]"  3  3TFLawhorn  Knoxville
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