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1"A country unburdened by major tourist attractions"  34  40CatherineReichardt   Johannesburg
2"A so God Blessed visit to Burundi!"  8  85angiebabe   Xi'an
3"REBUILDING BURUNDI"  8  731DAO    Wakefield
4"small country in the heart of africa"  5  8hanspeter_W.   Zürich
5"[NO TITLE]"  10  32inamahoro   Bujumbura
6"Visit to Burundi"  4  17yurxlnc  Khartoum
7"the forgotten explorers from Portugal and Spain"  1  1jorgejuansanchez   Hospitalet
8"cosmopolit's new Burundi Page"  2  3cosmopolit  Zürich
9"[NO TITLE]"  2  1sphynxxs  Kenya
10"[NO TITLE]"  3mnybondas  Leander