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1"PITTSBURGH--Cultural, Sports Crazy, Riverside City"  59  120VeronicaG   Texas
2"Welcome back, Sid."  90  470Ewingjr98   Pennsylvania
3"Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"  20  58starship   United States of America
4"Beautiful and Historical Pittsburgh"  21  52Rabbityama   Kyoto
5"My "O"riginal home town..."  23  5Parklife   San Francisco
6"Welcome to the 'Burgh!"  21  15flora1  Pittsburgh
7"Pittsburgh - the largest city of the Appalachia"  11  42Faiza-Ifrah  Mississauga
8"Mao's Birthplace. The City of Steel."  9  9MaosRedArmy  Shanghai
9"It's my hometown...but I'm not jaded"  22  7RblWthACoz  Pittsburgh
10"Pittsburgh: The Place I Call my Home"  11  30iamjacksgoat  Pittsburgh
11"Pittsburgh - The Steel City"  22  36mikelisaanna  New Jersey
12"The City of Three Rivers"  28  135Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
13"The Start of the East"  10  12yooperprof  Marquette
14"The Burgh"  9  23Lhenne1  Tampa
15"Downtown Pittsburgh"  11  29Travmad  Pennsylvania
16"Pittsburgh, PA"  46  40jls274  Pittsburgh
17"Iron City"  12  4Pounder73  San Francisco
18"So Much Architecture, So Little Time"  7  6MissAntarctica2002  Milton
19"[NO TITLE]"  5  4lovemycacti  Brantford
20"The Pittsburgh Choice"  5  6richiecdisc  Munich
22"Pittsburgh"  7  33Jim_Eliason  Arlington
23"A Patriotic Weekend in Pittsburgh"  7  25riorich55  Naperville
24"I love this place - I love my people here!"  4  17icunme  Rome
25"Steel Town"  5  10gravy.  United States of America
26"STEELERS, PENGUINS AND PIRATES OH MY"  7  5moiraistyx  Rock Hill
27"Pittsburgh"  8  8GUYON  Paris
28"Pittsburgh, PA... Relatives in Irwin....."  7  20davecallahan  Greece
29"Take me out to the ballgame... Pittsburgh Pirates"  4  14Herkbert  Williamsville
30"Pittsburgh - A Big Surprise"  5  13littlesam1  Baltimore
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