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1"Fantastic Philly! My homebase."  154  181acemj   Philadelphia
2"PHILADELPHIA--Brotherly Love And More"  40  64VeronicaG   Texas
3"Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley"  41  78bct341   Maryland
4"City of Brotherly Love"  33  40Sue08080   Sewell
5"PHILADELPHIA"  31  39Pawtuxet   Rhode Island
6"I LIKE my history with a shot and a beer!!!"  41  65spgood301  New York State
7"Philadelphia"  55  10xstacey  Philadelphia
8"Philadelphia!!!"  20  29peach93  Massachusetts
9"Philadelphia"  22  24tpangelinan  Marietta
10"streets of Philadelphia"  19  66mindcrime   Athens
11"Philadelphia"  15  17kazander  New Jersey
12"Philadelphia"  44  116asturnut  Anchorage
13"Philadelphia"  42  186Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
14"Where Navy Meets Army"  25  92grandmaR  Leonardtown
15"Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"  12  18SmileyLeSa  New Jersey
16"Philly"  10  40smschley  Hayward
17"Sharrie's Philadelphia Liberty"  28  27Sharrie  Bali
18"City of Brotherly Eating and Drinking"  35  40yooperprof  Marquette
19"Philadelphia - Home Sweet Home"  38  47ringleader  Philadelphia
20"You Can't Hurry the City of Brotherly Love"  30  58richiecdisc  Munich
21"The City of Brotherly Love"  24  91Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
22"Not willing to give up the title...."  24  32evilprebil  Philadelphia
23"City of Brotherly Love"  14  29mrclay2000  Oklahoma City
24"Philadelphia - The Eastern State Penitentiary"  9  17calcaf38  Carlisle
25"The Biggest Small Town In America"  8  6ChrisRJ  Philadelphia
26"City of Brotherly Love"  21  30alex0312  Cherry Hill
27"Philadelphia"  18  42dmarino622  New York City
28"Philly"  51  120apbeaches  New York City
29"Philadelphia- a skyline & a city full of art work"  6  18VZ-Pam  Brooklyn
30"Finally in Philly"  17  21butterflykizzez04  Nashville
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