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1"Nearest Big City"  156  651glabah   Lents
2"City of Roses, Rivers and the Mountain Corgi"  63  148mtncorg   Portland
3"Portland, an great liveable city"  75  79Shaft28   Austin
4"The Pearl of the Pacific Northwest"  41  90Jefie   Quebec
5"If it's tourist season, can we shoot them?"  52IncogNeat-0   Portland
6"A beautiful city to visit even on a short trip"  22  42Gypsystravels  United States of America
7"We Gotta Get Out of This Place: Portland"  22  32richiecdisc  Munich
8"Portland, Oregon"  31  41Geoff_Wright   Altarnun
9"Welcome to Portland, Oregon"  41  178deWilde  Park City
10"Good Friends and Mileage Runs"  26  26cjg1  New York City
11"Portland, City of Roses"  14  15ZanieOR  Joseph
12"PORTLAND - OREGON"  17  34Aquamantos  England
13"How Portland Started: Explorers, Booze & Brothels"  10  10ATXtraveler  Allen
14"Portland..The city of roses...and Beer!"  16  6TrvlnGrrl  Portland
15"Port-LAND"  7  10ccvisit  Milpitas
16"A Short Stay in the City of Roses"  7  9Hopkid  Richmond
17"PORTLAND"  15  42phildeni  Waldport
18"Best Small city in American"  23  9seoulgirl  Stuttgart
19"Northwest Cool"  13  37Rixie  California
20"Jewel of Cascadia"  10  13xeberus  Portland
21"The City of Roses"  46  36TashieKitten  Portland
22"P-Town, Puddle Town, Bridgeville, Portland"  38  31Rude_boy22  Portland
23"Family living brings you back to life!"  4  6alza   North America
24"Portland, Oregon"  24  11yonsei  Portland
25"Portland - Beertown or Little Beirut?"  11  39Ewingjr98  Tachikawa
26"Stump town U.S.A."  4  6caffeine_induced78  Eugene
27"My Portland Past"  11  11lareina  Eugene
28"Portland, Oregon - A great place to live!"  12  18rmdw  Vancouver
29"Welcome to Portlandia!"  5  6Pinguino  Portland
30"I'd probably live there if it didn't rain so much"  3  4shellybelly567  Kingston
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