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1"A NYC GYPSY AT HEART"  204  513Gypsystravels   United States of America
2"NYC: Everyday, Something new."  185  364cjg1   New York City
3"I Heart New York."  108  93shutterlust   Oxford
4""I want to be a part of it ...""  77  226toonsarah   Ealing
5". : New York City : ."  76  287Christophe_Ons   Leuven
6"New York City"  102  388MM212  London
7"Oh, how I want to be a part of it!"  74  211Jefie  Quebec
8"I loved it - and I don't even like apples!"  61  193sue_stone  Sydney
9"New York, I can't get enough of it!"  82  218Dutchnatasja  Netherlands
10"The Most American of American Cities"  71  79mrclay2000  Oklahoma City
11"New York- TexasDave Style"  114  278TexasDave  Atlanta
12"Vibrant New York City - 7 Amazing Days"  71  172Mikebb  Perth
13"My little bite out of the Big Apple"  69  199850prc  Florida
14"World Class Restaurants, Great Park"  57  160nicolaitan  Long Island
15"NYC / Manhattan"  63  234davequ  Penistone
16"New York City"  71  96Dabs  Chicago
17"I LOVE NEW YORK, STILL"  60  137ForestqueenNYC  Paris
18"...NYC ! ...Dirty Wonderland !! ...I love you !!!"  105  74Dimi1  Berlin
19"AUTUMN IN NEW YORK"  56  58madamx  Calgary
20"Everything's big + TAX :)"  56  179mindcrime  Athens
21"i DO love new york!"  66  75TempNomad  Brooklyn
22"Energetic New York City!"  105  163acemj  Philadelphia
23"An Insider's View: Off the Beaten Track (Mostly!)"  93  81kucha  New York City
24"seamandrew's New York Page"  66  87seamandrew  New Brunswick
25"MANHATTAN"  54  91Nathalie_B  Tel Aviv-Yafo
26"New York"  46  60tomhoward  England
27"Everything in New York is BIG besides a PINT!!"  41  113jo104  Sri Lanka
28"New York City"  85  103seagoingJLW  Coconut Creek
29"Big But Walkable-Everyone Does"  50  166BruceDunning  Huntsville
30"The whole world in one city!"  36  37Mahieu  Belfast
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