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1"One of our 50 is missing ......"  45  104kymbanm   Albuquerque
2"Albuquerque - Where I Live and What to See and Do"  72  236AlbuqRay   Albuquerque
3"Ever Expanding"  45  131BruceDunning   Huntsville
4"Albuquerque, New Mexico"  54  82JamesABQ   Albuquerque
5"Albuquerque - It's a great place!"  26  28danmike   Albuquerque
6"Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta-Festival Extraordinaire"  24  49VeronicaG  Texas
7"A place to celebrate"  14  35Bunsch  Providence
8"[NO TITLE]"  16  9lovemycacti  Brantford
9"ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO"  45  53MarkJochim  Phuket
10"“Hot dog, jumping frog”"  11  48toonsarah  Ealing
11"Albuquerque, New Mexico"  14  49Gillybob  Manchester
12"Albuquerque: hard to spell, nice to visit"  13  10MountainLaurel  Albuquerque
13"Albuquerque I like it a lot"  27  22dmac733  Albuquerque
14"Albuquerque"  8  24goodfish  Minneapolis
15"I knew I shoulda tooke that left turn at ABQ!!!"  12  10illudiumqh36  Lucca
16"Clumping power! My Home my home has it!"  10  24tunisianhick  Albuquerque
17"Albuquerque - Smaller Than I Imagined"  7  8Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
18"Albuquerque... Can you spell it?"  7  11MatthewMetcalfe  Atlanta
19"Southwest Adventure '02 - Albuquerque, NM"  9  32dacrites  Pennsylvania
20"Loving the Land of Enchantment"  5  3plannersis  Albuquerque
21"Come explore New Mexico with me!"  29  26Kodi01  Dallas
22"A day in Albuquerque"  4  13atufft  Stockton
23"Albuquerque: try spelling it without looking!"  6  4ellielou  Baltimore
24"[NO TITLE]"  7  12bocmaxima  Marina
25"Established 1706"  19  50HispanicYob  Albuquerque
26"You just gotta see this!"  4  9skywalkerbeth  Ashburn
27"Weekend Break During Work"  8  9Hopkid  Richmond
28"LAND OF ENCHANTMENT"  13  17lemon4juice  California
29"Lived in the Albuquerque Area for Past 21 Years"  4LynninNM  Albuquerque
30"Albuquerque, New Mexico"  7  17Paulie_D  Upminster
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