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1"Life on the Middle Coast"  25  22Ironic1   Two Harbors
2"Duluth, Minnesota"  13  14Stephen-KarenConn   Pikeville
3"Duluth!"  13  20NateWill22   United States of America
4"Duluth"  27  19nichole_521   Duluth
5"Minnesota's Port City"  15  16zrim   Northfield
6"Duluth, Minnesota"  8  14gregoryr1m  Saint Paul
7"Grandma's Marathon in Duluth"  6  7Jehcekah  Rochester
8"Our Favorite Place--Duluth, MN"  33  37BrendaSonnabend  Darfur
9"Twin Ports"  9  32Toughluck  Valparaiso
10"The Untold Delights of Duluth"  6  38Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
11"Sieur Du Lhut's City"  19  23yooperprof  Marquette
12"Duluth: The Jewel of Lake Superior"  9  42Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
13"[NO TITLE]"  3  3SUSAMY  Roseville
14"Duluth, Minnesota"  8  7crzymallard  Saint Paul
15"Duluth - an amazing northern experience!"  5skib  Blaine
16"HIGH MARKS TO THE CITY IN THE BLUFF"  7  3babybird  Appleton
17"My Stefather's Hometown"  2  3saw50st8  Teaneck
18"[NO TITLE]"  1  3charlesracine  Racine
19"[NO TITLE]"  1Sandy46  Irving
20"A getaway at last!"  1  3abi_maha  Bangalore
21"[NO TITLE]"  2  3duluthfan  Duluth
22"[NO TITLE]"  2Jolietvilletraveler  World
23"Duluth, Minnesota"  1  14xoxoxenophile  Brookings
24"Home Sweet Home"  2  6danblunt  Duluth
25"My Hometown"  17  7kc0ltv  Hermantown
26"Duluth and The North Shore"  5  6pipsqueak  Minnesota
27"[NO TITLE]"  6MTV.Timonen  New York City
28"A Superior Town . . . Duluth, MN"  28  46acemj  Philadelphia
29"[NO TITLE]"  1traif001  Minneapolis
30"Duluth (And Environs)"  3  2Libs  Normal
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