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1"Fiji"  47  68bjmd22   Palestine
2"My cruise to the Fiji Islands"  35  173globetrott   Vienna
3"Fiji - the nearest you'll ever get to paradise"  24  25grets   Bristol
4"Beautiful country of happy people"  23  31Ela_S   Tarnobrzeg
5"Fiji 2003"  26  55geanster   Richmond
6"STILL BUSY !!! MORE TO COME SOON !!"  20  40eenelfje  Rotterdam
7"Fiji"  13  75dancinbudgie  Newcastle
8"Fiji - Sunshine and Relaxation."  13  13IcemanNZL  Auckland
9"Fiji"  10  27Dodo22  Auckland
10"Beautiful South Pacific"  11  19kyoub  Fort Worth
11"Holiday in Fiji"  11  12IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
12"Magical Island"  13  14galy  Haifa District
13"FIJI"  39  40scrooge1947  New Zealand
14"Fiji"  7  9Robmj  Wanaka
15"FIJI is PARADISE"  7  30AusPinay  Tasmania
16"The perfect place for some serious R&R!"  12  18sunshinejo  Newquay
17"Backpacking in Fiji"  6  13Rusket  Drangedal
18"BE AWARE OF FALLING COCONUTS."  5  20allikat  New Zealand
19"Bula Fiji !!"  7  24paradisedreamer  Cape Town
20"Fiji Family Vacation"  4  82malianrob  Los Angeles
21"MacKiwi's Fiji Page"  4  5MacKiwi  Hong Kong
22"The Friendliest People on Earth"  3  4TravelSimone  San Francisco
23"Paradise on earth..."  3  5rosie235  Melbourne
24"BULA!!!"  3  26kristii  Best
25"[NO TITLE]"  2philandbj  World
26"I have found the love of my life"  7  32Alicja1  Blackpool
27"The Friendliest People On Earth"  2  3lilbunnygirl  Panama City Beach
28"Ni Sa Bula to Fiji"  2  3LimorSchwartz  Herzliya
29"SOUTH PACIFIC GEM"  4  15wanderingbilly  Lisburn
30"[NO TITLE]"  4amortimerwlg  Hamilton
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