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1"Auckland - The City of Sails"  66  76kiwigal_1   Santiago
2"'Playground' for a city"  15  42vtveen   Apeldoorn
3"Auckland Region"  18  40worldkiwi   Auckland Region
4"Auckland Region"  6  6ATXtraveler   Allen
5"AUCKLAND"  4  5balhannah   Brisbane
6"UNDER CONSTRUCTION!"  2  10allikat  New Zealand
7"City of sails"  6  5irish147  County Wexford
8"Auckland Region"  2  6kiwi  New Zealand
9"City of Sails."  5  6shiran_d  London
10"Truly the city of sails"  1  2maryamy  Leipzig
11"Auckland and surrounds"  3junkgirl  World
12"Auckland - City Of Sails"  8  17kiwiwahine  Cairns
13"[NO TITLE]"  1hokeypokey  Bremen
14"Auckland- City of Sails"  6  12kinjalnz15  Brisbane
15"City Of Sails"  3  1morninglory  Dubai
16"[NO TITLE]"  1Lalee  Auckland Region
17"Auckland"  1  7viktors  Lisbon
18"Caroline's Auckland"  8redrider  Auckland Region