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1"Houghton, Michigan, Our Home Away From Home"  42  98KimberlyAnn   Cody
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4"Basaic Isle Royale National Park/Houghton Page"  1  4Basaic   Sierra Vista
5"cynthi's Houghton Page"  13  6cynthi   Baton Rouge
6"Houghton, MI"  2RGray  New York City
7"The "City" of the Keweenaw"  7  5jaeda  Michigan
8"More to Houghton than Carny"  5mehollop  Houghton
9"lintman1's Houghton Page"  8  7lintman1  Saint Paul
10"magels's College Town-Houghton Page"  3magels  Kaukauna