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1"PARIS OF THE MIDWEST. A Love Story."  103  151dtownkitty   Detroit
2"Don't be afraid!"  34  7HotRodEtte   Woodhaven
3"Some Signs of Life in Motor City"  27  41yooperprof   Marquette
4"No Place Like Home"  27  130bilgeez   Detroit
5"Dog Walking Downtown Detroit"  41  181atufft   Stockton
6"DETROIT"  13  110LoriPori  Windsor
7"Elegy for the City on the Straights"  11  15pedersdottir  Evanston
8"Detroit - The Abandoned City"  13  35littlesam1  Baltimore
9"Detroit"  13  7GottaTry  Los Angeles
10"Motor City Madness"  9  13Bunsch  Providence
11"Life in the D"  10  36YoGazpacho  Detroit
12"The Good, The Bad and the Ghetto Fabulous..."  13  10truesunn  Flat Rock
13"Detroit"  13  13mdchachi  Michigan
14"My Detroit Homepage"  5  22freddie18  Toronto
15"Motown: A City With Soul"  5  6Juice183  Detroit
16"The Big D!"  10  2sarah00  Detroit
17"Eclectic city of Detroit"  7  18sunshine9689  San Francisco
18"The Motor City (under construction)"  10  11rcsparty  Detroit
19"Motor City"  14  5TRimer  Geneva
20"Tha One and Only Motown, Detroit!!!!!!!!!"  4  1SouthSyda  Indianapolis
21"Welcome to Detroit"  4  12AnneAlex  Lowell
22"[NO TITLE]"  2LawK  Detroit
23"Detroit - The Motor City"  9BrianMotown  Detroit
24"Home Sweet Home !!!"  8GK2005  Las Vegas
25"Wasnt my first choice but it was a fun choice!"  2  12LakeFever  Niagara Falls
26"Strange place for a tourist."  2  2Cham  London
27"Home Sweet Home"  4  15tinyvulture  Austin
28"Motor City"  5  4pmarshuk  Yiewsley
29"[NO TITLE]"  1DAterzano  World
30"Michigan International Speedway"  2  4Maria250  Germany
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