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1"Fabulous scenery, the friendliest people"  29  65TheWanderingCamel   State of Western Australia
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5"The driest, hottest, wettest and coldest places"  17  132Kakapo2   Christchurch
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8"New Zealand's South Island."  9  47kiwi  New Zealand
9"South Island"  12  14rozehill  Christchurch
10"UNDER RECONSTRUCTION - AND LONG OVERDUE!!!!"  6  8allikat  New Zealand
11"South Island - THE place in New Zealand"  6  8ATXtraveler  Allen
12"South Island"  25  26kris-t  Belle River
13"South Island Experience"  6  8freshia  Jakarta
14"New Zealand South Island"  4  4sunnywong  Burnaby
15"South Island - Nature's personal Paradise"  1  4ForeverGypsy  Singapore
16"Te Wai Pounamu - The Mainland"  1  1fishandchips  Christchurch
17"The Sout Island, flying to the snowy Mountains."  18  19Alphons  Nijmegen
18"Island of Greenstone"  2  3DSwede  Corpus Christi
19"New Zealand Summary"  3  3dln6874  Juneau
20"The Mainland"  1  4TomorrowsAngel  Riyadh
21"[NO TITLE]"  1  5sheherezad  Kuala Lumpur
22"When you cross..from the North to the South"  57  80pepples46  Canterbury