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1"The Northern Territory...Natures Playground!"  48  51K.Knight   Buderim
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7"Northern Territory"  4  71+1  Northern Territory
8"Touring in the Northern Territory"  12  12bumpychick  Margate
9"most photographed"  3  6nipper1  Australia
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11"The Northern Territory of Australia"  7  7rozehill  Christchurch
12"THE NORTHERN TERRITORY.."  6  25DennyP  Parramatta
13"[NO TITLE]"  3  2cbrandlehner  Vienna
14"Northern Territory"  7  6skatzcatz  Darwin
15"[NO TITLE]"  3  4davidjo  Puerto Princesa
16"An Introduction to the N.T."  5ogb4619  Seremban
17"Australia's Aborigine Land!"  4  15Gillybob  Manchester
18"Northern Territory; The Australia seen in Movies"  2  2ATXtraveler  Allen
19"VT Darwin Survivor Outback Safari May 2008"  1  84kiwi  New Zealand
20"The Northern Territory"  1  3TeeDeeNT  Alice Springs
21"[NO TITLE]"  1  1WStat  Vienna
22"A beginers guide to Australia's Top End"  3  12sirgaw  Melbourne
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25"The Northern Territory"  9  16littleman  Sydney