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1"Portugal in my heart"  150  175dr.firas   Como
2"Portugal my lovely country"  107  122ncfg   Portugal
3"Portugal"  97  95micas_pt   Lisbon
4"Wonderful Portugal"  80  81Bwana_Brown   Fredericton
5"portugal"  58  72quartinb   Portugal
6"Portugal by Car"  55  70acemj  Philadelphia
7"Portugal - Country of Batles"  40  40salinhopt  Funchal
8"Portugal"  48  162ant1606  Torino
9"Where the land ends and the sea begins"  27  103magor65  Wroclaw
10"The Camino Portuguese"  29  96into-thin-air  Cumbria
11"On the Road in Portugal"  29  32Canadienne  Toronto
12"My wonderful country"  36  38johnsakura  Ouarzazate
13"A Month in Portugal..............................."  47  50freya_heaven  Devon
14"Portugal, a country with good quality of life."  43  92cachaseiro  Denmark
15"PORTUGAL 2003"  52  49RENE_CARDOEN  Zaventem
16"Portugal - The land of beauty and friends..."  38  72TinKan  Hereford
17"[NO TITLE]"  17  73a2lopes  Lisbon
18"PORTUGAL"  16  56hopang  Sweden
19"Most Beautiful Country"  18  46Entropic  New York City
20"Portugal."  19  53Maurizioago  Caldonazzo
21"The Portugal that they don't tell you about"  19  38berenices  Lisbon
22"Grand Tour De Portugal"  19  20Imaniac  Ningbo
23"Portugal: 10Day Delight!"  32  35safardreams  Rhode Island
24"A welcoming country"  32  96solopes  Turquel
25"Portugal"  13  16nursesweet  Milford
26"Beautiful Portugal"  13  14andrea.d  Novi Sad
27"A place where the sun shines and time stays still."  13  30Markyreid  Adelaide
28"Portugal"  21  23traveldave  West Virginia
29"Home, where I thought I should go..."  12  11Faracy  Brighton
30"Portugal - a place to live tastefully!"  14  17Filoxera  Lisbon
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