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1"Not only the coast"  26  26tessy   Europe
2"Catalunya, between sea and mountains"  29  80Elisabcn   Paris
3"Catalonia so kwnon and so unknown"  17  36Peret   Barcelona
4"CATALONIA, MY REAL NATION"  13  46crazyguitar   Barcelona
5"A Long Weekend in Catalunya"  30  136into-thin-air   Cumbria
6"Winter Sun"  19  24freya_heaven  Devon
7"Catalonia"  12  26dlandt  Chicago
8"catalunya"  9  15quartinb  Portugal
9"excellent place if you like being active."  7  19cachaseiro  Denmark
10"Catalunya, my country"  5  3xtarafa  Masnou
11"Moscow-Catalunya"  2  35Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
12"Dali, Gaudi, Costa Brava and much more"  21  3jorgejuansanchez   Hospitalet
13"Catalunya by luiggi"  10  11luiggi  Figueres
14"This is my country"  3  5QuimG  Barcelona
15"Much more than Costa Brava"  1  5lotharlerch  Telfs
16"Catalunya - Where I Long to Be"  5  12cynapples  Indianapolis
17"[NO TITLE]"  2  2boasnovas  São Paulo
18"Rent a car in Catalunya"  2  8peliason  Minneapolis
19"Spain"  5  8Ericasmurf99  Eagle River
20"[NO TITLE]"  1magictravelers  Barcelona
21"La Garrotxa"  4Helenislovely  London
22"Catalunya - a part of Spain."  13  10Dizzyhead  Eskilstuna
23"Catalonia"  25  39DanielF  Europe
24"Los Pyrineos de Catalunya"  10  20FruitLover  Israel
25"Delta del Ebre: a birdwatchers hotspot"  1  2MikeBird  Bedfordshire