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1"G.I."  39  76sambarnett   Chicago
2"Kickin' it in tha city of Gary, Indiana!"  7  5SouthSyda   Indianapolis
3"Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana...."  2  16Dabs   Chicago
4"More Than a Musical Comedy Song"  5  6yooperprof   Marquette
5"Tough town"  51Getout   Los Angeles
6"[NO TITLE]"  2  2ian317  World
7"City of contrasts"  6  17Toughluck  Valparaiso
8"[NO TITLE]"  1redinmyhead  World
9"[NO TITLE]"  1Realfeedback  World
10"[NO TITLE]"  1Maggies  Krakow
11"[NO TITLE]"  1Cityslicker73  World
12"[NO TITLE]"  1Watcher9  Hammond
13"[NO TITLE]"  1wiggahata  World
14"NOT A TOURIST DESTINATION ANYMORE"  1  1grkboiler  Pereira
15"tom0990's new Gary page"  2tom0990  Gary