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1"Alpine Theme Far from Europe"  28  89BruceDunning   Huntsville
2"helen, georgia"  19  22doug48   Orlando
3"A town reinvents itself"  17  53rexvaughan   Decatur
4"Willkommen to Helen"  6  5thead   Helen
5"Helen Georgia"  19  39palmas57   Holt
6"Georgia Alpine Village"  10  11amybrooke  Canton
7"Welcome to Helen, GA or Alpine Helen as some say."  18  24tpangelinan  Marietta
8"Fran's Helen Page"  6  14fa330  Newnan
9"Visitor's Views"  8beer1  Atlanta
10"A Touch of Germany in Georgia"  7  14TexasDave  Atlanta
11"Alpine Village in the North Georgia Mountains"  19  25dustmon  Marietta
12"Alpine Village of Helen, GA"  2  2AVG2319  Phoenix
13"Helen, Georgia"  9  44butterflykizzez04  Nashville
14"davidb4732's new Helen Page"  4  5davidb4732  Atlanta
15"[NO TITLE]"  10  42jmpncsu  Raleigh
16"[NO TITLE]"  1  1harold82  Key West
17"Willkommen!"  2  3AlpineHelen  World
18"[NO TITLE]"  1Brillemeister  Snellville
19"Helen and back!"  1  6RidingTall  Columbus
20"[NO TITLE]"  1  1cruisingbug  New York State