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1"saint petersburg, florida"  43  46doug48   Orlando
2"St Petersburg and Pinellas County"  30  42arasnosliw   Jolly Dump
3"The Sunshine City!"  16  17NC_Ziggy   Hickory
4"St Pete - Tampa's Sister City"  25  21tampa_shawn   San Diego
5"FLORIDA is fun in the sun."  12  121IRISHLAD1   Saint Petersburg
6"The Sunshine City in The Sunshine State"  30  113Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
7"God's Waiting Room:"  6  8sarahjayn  Tampa
8"Holiday at the Beach"  4  24peach93  Massachusetts
9"Lovely Weekend - Lovely Beach"  3  9Hexepatty  Hickory
10"Bon jour Monsieur Dali ;)"  3  5iris2002  Woodbridge
11"Keywest9's St. Petersburg, FL Page"  8  1Keywest9  Saint Petersburg
12"St Pete"  2  3HotSpotJ  Roanoke
13"Saint Petersburg"  2  4evalynn  Mesquite
14"A Great Town in its Own Right"  4  3Kushelkitten  Hamburg
15"[NO TITLE]"  1GrammaNancyG  World
16"[NO TITLE]"  1DocJohnson  World
17"City life and beach life unite!"  10  27tvdandy  Panama City Beach
18"[NO TITLE]"  2Travworld  Saint Petersburg
19"[NO TITLE]"  1leisureway  Annapolis
20"St. Pete the eclectic life with amazing beaches"  2  3ERiger  Saint Petersburg
21"[NO TITLE]"  3mmyerspa  Lancaster
22"ST PETERSBURG IN SEPTEMBER"  8  14Malinduli  Dallas
23"Go Sox!"  4  6shohman  Minnesota
24"virtualmary's St Petersburg Page"  10  9virtualmary  Saint Petersburg
25"St.Pete in a NutShell"  6  7jessica777  World
26"Syrinx goes to: Saint Petersburg"  4syrinx1912  New Port Richey
27"Nobbe's new Saint Petersburg page"  1  2Nobbe  Sweden
28"Beachdave's new Saint Petersburg Page"  5  6Beachdave  Fort Walton Beach
29"gj321_2000's new Saint Petersburg Page"  4gj321_2000  Georgia
30"nature-girl's Saint Petersburg Page"  1  2nature-girl  Michigan
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