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1"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"  188  529cjg1   New York City
2"orlando florida"  97  114doug48   Orlando
3"DisneyWorld"  51  171Cielo_Algaeed   Riyadh
4"take it from a local..."  59  86shohman   Minnesota
5""When You Wish Upon a Star.....""  31  73starship   United States of America
6"Orlando, Florida"  32  41Lynsey-Jane  Newcastle upon Tyne
7"Disney and Universal Studios"  38  62gcmm  North Atlanta
8"OUT FIRST FAMILY VACATION"  25  93moiraistyx  Rock Hill
9"Where dreams come true!"  27  106Jefie  Quebec
10"Orlando Florida , I live here..."  26  36Florida999  Florida
11"A wonderful weekend with two wonderful friends"  23  52Dabs  Chicago
12"Hexepatty's Orlando in a Nutshell"  23  59Hexepatty  Hickory
13"~THE THEME PARKS ARE IN KISSIMMEE not ORLANDO"  88  27Michael_D  Daytona Beach
14"Disney World"  22  76nicolaitan  Long Island
15"All about Orlando"  27  45Samscalling  Cheshire
16"More than Just Disney World!!!"  17  20K.Knight  Buderim
17"Orlando, Florida"  22  17Scotsgal  Brisbane
18"Down Town Orlando"  22  63Marinel  Orlando
19"Orlando - Home of a Mouse and so much more!!"  16  62Gillybob  Manchester
20"Gwynneth's Orlando"  17  21Gwynneth  Perth
21"A convention in Orlando"  13  14loisl  Sargans
22"Orlando Mad Weekend"  11  34jessicadf  Novato
23"There is a Time for Walt Disney"  12  16Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
24"Sweet Jesus"  11  12sarahjayn  Tampa
25"ORLANDO, FLORIDA--Sunny and welcoming!"  10  15VeronicaG  Texas
26"Orlando"  26  42kbl  Manhattan Island
27"Why does Mickey get ALL the attention?!!"  9  21alza  North America
28"Orlando - the Theme Park Capital of the World"  13  19mikelisaanna  New Jersey
30"Walt Disney World"  22  118grandmaR  Leonardtown
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