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1"UNdER CONSTRUCTION - CHECK BACK LATER"  65  133Homanded   Miami
2"Miami - Escape from Winter Weather"  57  258grandmaR   Leonardtown
3"miami florida"  43  53doug48   Orlando
4"cobrioc's Miami Beach Florida Page"  37  37cobrioc   United States of America
5"MIAMI: ALWAYS A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART"  21  29parsix   Buenos Aires
6"M I A M I"  23  58call_me_rhia  Europe
7"Best city in the US"  30  38jlanza29  Miami
8"Miami by Michel"  15  63mafootje  Vlaardingen
9"MIAMI"  17  24katmag  New Brunswick
10"Miami - Salsa Heat"  22  21CanuckMark  Ottawa
11"Miami"  7  36Jim_Eliason  Arlington
12"South Beach"  8  7Docu2001  Cologne
13"Hot, Humid, Stormy, Breezy Miami in July!"  22  116GracesTrips   Los Angeles
14"Home sometimes sweet home"  18  12goingsolo  Fort Lauderdale
15"Miami"  5  11ValbyDK  Copenhagen
16"Miami Rhapsody in C major ..."  4  4kymbanm  Albuquerque
17"MIAMI... A True *Toddelin'* Town"  11  15Seabiscuit  Milford
18"Miami"  7  7Alice-Kees  Haarlem
19"Miami is a city that typifies a Florida lifestyle"  4  15TheTravelSlut  South Tampa
20"Sun, Fun and Scully's"  6  27cjg1  New York City
21"Bienvenido a la metropolis de la América!"  22  78mikey_e  Ottawa
22"Tropics is like a hammock for Lovers A.N."  44  132cochinjew  Havana
23"Miami"  5  19Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
24"Place of jazzy colors of luxurious living"  10  5musbars  Fort Lauderdale
25"[NO TITLE]"  4  4BarbBC3  Miami
26"Miami Calliente"  4  3melissa_bel  Brussels
27"My favorite city?"  12  21OrlandoBR  São Paulo
28"Miami - South Beach"  9  6BURGUN  New York
29"Miami"  2  3Katmosphere  Saint Augustine
30"[NO TITLE]"  4  3abhyuday_c  Los Angeles
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