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1"marco island florida"  14  15doug48   Orlando
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3"Marco Island"  8  10pulgaron   Miami
4"Relaxation Island"  9  16BigBlueOne   O'Fallon
5"Marco Island: An undiscovered relaxing spot"  7  22peterd1331   New York City
6"Marco Island, FL"  2  1LAGator  Omaha
7"Marco Island"  4  6senoritamc  Poplar Bluff
8"[NO TITLE]"  1JackBox  Buffalo
9"Nice little Island"  4  23musbars  Fort Lauderdale
10"[NO TITLE]"  1travelcritx  Stoneham
11"gone fish'n"  7  17domenicococozza  London
12"From here to Sydney"  3  12Foriano  Minneapolis
13"Lucky to Live Here!"  2  2HotRodEtte  Woodhaven
14"~ Not just for blue hairs ~"  1lolabunny  Grand Rapids
15"The old Marco Island"  1  2lucyguajardo  Terlingua