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1"The Venice of America"  112  474cjg1   New York City
2"fort lauderdale"  29  38doug48   Orlando
3"Fort Lauderdale - Venice of America"  22  30musbars   Fort Lauderdale
4"A MUCH needed break in the Sun"  20  36garridogal   Boston
5"Ft Lauderdale"  16  17shohman   Minnesota
6"A LONG OVER DUE VISIT TO SEE AN OLD FRIEND"  17  9moiraistyx  Rock Hill
7"Ft. Lauderdale, cruise port"  19  28Dabs  Chicago
8"The City is on the Water's Edge and Wonderful"  11  41BruceDunning  Huntsville
9"[NO TITLE]"  5JM_runs  Fort Lauderdale
10"Sunny Ft Lauderdale"  6  4LeananSidhe  Stockholm
11"Business trip on the Ocean"  4  9PinkFloydActuary  Gurnee
12"Forming a new impression of Ft. Lauderdale"  7  19sunlovey  West Palm Beach
13"[NO TITLE]"  7DrDevience  Helsingborg
14"SeaBreezeUSA's new Fort Lauderdale Page"  8  20SeaBreezeUSA  Baton Rouge
15"Home, Sweet Home"  8  1kikita  Fort Lauderdale
16"goingsolo's new Fort Lauderdale Page"  17  9goingsolo  Fort Lauderdale
17"Ft. Lauderdale"  3  3April1985  Atlantic City
18"Fort Lauderdale Florida"  9  10ak47uk  Sidmouth
19"My view of Fort Lauderdale"  2  3AnjoLuci  Nisos Sifnos
20"Sand, palm trees, and more sand"  2pedersdottir  Evanston
21"Fort Lauderdale & Broward County"  3  13HSC123  Jacksonville
22"[NO TITLE]"  1Gilberto22  Fort Lauderdale
23"Fort Lauderdale - and points north of Miami"  3  6frankcanfly  Baltimore
24"[NO TITLE]"  1  1Misha_abq  Albuquerque
25"Fort Lauderdale"  14  43GUYON  Paris
26"allenkite's new Fort Lauderdale Page"  7  8allenkite  Knoxville
27"Marlins, Beach and only 24 hours!!"  4  14pamstravels  Atlanta
28"Ft. Lauderdale - Come By Land- Leave By Water"  2  25grandmaR  Leonardtown
29"HOME!"  4  2TravelJunkie  Huntsville
30"[NO TITLE]"  1  5YVRDave  Vancouver
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